Must-Play Twine Games

Every once in a while I see someone asking for a list of recommended games made with the Twine visual scripting language. Such a list has proven very difficult to find, since only a handful of Twine games have won awards

This list may change as time goes on! Feedback welcome, especially games to add, but I reserve the right to ignore it ┐(︶▽︶)┌

I’m trying to keep the list sleek, so each game has only four elements: title, author, my opinion of the game’s age range, and any prominent content warnings. Occasionally I’ll slip an additional note in, but I’m trying to keep that to a minimum.

Games are grouped by age range but are otherwise in no particular order.

Five Words (go go go) by @BigShellEvent

All Ages. CW: Ostracization

Lovely Little Onion Stand by Annie Mei

All Ages, parental guidance suggested. CW: mild violence, toilet humor

Quing’s Quest by Squinky Kiai

Tween and up. CW: mild sexual references, abstract planetary destruction

Faceted, by Caelyn Sandel (as Colin Sandel)

Tween and up. CW: mild sexual references, imprisonment

Depression Quest by Zoe Quinn

Tween and up. CW: realistic depiction of mental illness

Crystal Warrior Ke$ha by Porpentine

Tween and up. CW: sexual reference, profanity, cartoon violence

Dee’s Big Night by Merritt Kopas

Tween and up. CW: sexual reference, cartoon violence

Vermin Throne by Damian Sommer (for multiple players)

Mature audiences. CW: death, rats, betrayal

The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo by Michael Lutz

Mature audiences. CW: murder, emotional abuse

Solarium by Alan DeNiro

Mature audiences. CW: Apocalypse, nuclear war, hypodermic needles, death, corpses

With Those We Love Alive by Porpentine

Mature audiences. CW: Biological horror, violence, death, transphobia, drugs(?)

Howling Dogs by Porpentine

Mature audiences. CW: Biological discomfort, violence, death

Horse Master: The Game of Horse Mastery by Tom McHenry

Mature audiences. CW: Biological horror, animal(?) abuse

Cis Gaze by Caelyn Sandel

Mature audiences. CW: transphobia, slurs, depression

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