Light Novels and Microfiction

Glimpses From Elsewhere – My very first collection of microfiction! Glimpses is an anthology of my digital busking: stories a few tweets in length cultivated, pruned, and presented to you in a lovely bouquet.

Serial Fiction

Groceries and Ghost Stories – Small stories about a few ordinary New Washingtonians. Set in the Age of Corporations universe.

Generation 4Superheroes! Queer romance! International mystery! Suspense! Putting an entire pizza on top of another pizza and eating it! An ongoing collaborative project with RequineRP.


Let’s NOT Do The Time Warp Again, Rocky Fans, Commissioned by The Mary Sue, October 2015

How to Not Ruin Polyamory for Everybody in 6 Easy Steps, October 2013

Sapiosexuality is Not an Orientation, August 2012

Homosexuality and the Metric System, February 2012


Short Fiction

Mara and the Bottleman
2009 horror short story, set in the Age of Corporations universe
Content warnings: Violence, gore.



Full-Length Fiction

SerafinaQue Sera Sera
Upcoming novel set in the Age of Corporations universe

Read the preview vignettes!
Content warning: Violence, prejudice, hate crimes


securemarketTales from the Securemarket, as Colin Sandel
2010 Novel, Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Published by Urbane Undead Small Press through Amazon CreateSpace
Set in the Age of Corporations universe
Free e-book and html, paperback available on Amazon

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