Caelyn’s Tiresome Yet Inevitable GOTY list

Hey guess what? It’s that time of the year where we all give our objectively correct opinions about which big-name games everyone is morally obligated to play! I lack any current-gen systems on account of being a solo gamedev and therefore poor as hell. But! I have a decent PC leftover from my days of having a Real Job™, so I still got to play some good stuff. Here it is!


In this long-awaited PC port of SOMA Bros 64, you step into the shoes of Whineface Trustingman as he totally does whatever a guy who admits that he is not a doctor says. Then there’s some time stuff and you’re underwater, and it’s actually pretty cool and philosophical and shit. It was made by the Amnesia people, but is less ‘horror’ and more ‘thriller’. Check out my ongoing Let’s Play of this game with Maddy Myers here.

Crypt of the Necrodancer

Omg technically this game was fully released this year so I can count it again! I’m totally counting it again. GOTY 2014 & 2015. Eat it. I wonder how many years I can keep this running.

Fallout 4

This is a game about how you wake up in the wasteland, say some stuff about a baby(??), and then spend the rest of the game wandering Shitty Boston playing Shitty House. I am told that there is also a main plot to pursue that has something to do with the aforementioned baby? That part sounds terrible, but the rest of it rules and I cannot stop playing it.

Caves of Qud

Back in the days of bell-bottoms and abundant psychadelics, some brilliant nerds created a tabletop roleplaying game called Gamma World, a mutant-staffed romp through whimsical post-apocalyptic environment. Twenty years later, I rolled up an anthropomorphic flower bard and plunged into that world with akimbo pistols and a group of weird friends. Now, that aesthetic is back in Caves of Qud, a roguelike RPG that has been in development for a long time but only recently hit Steam with a graphical tileset. I played a hundred hours in the first week and have only slowed down a bit; my Qud habit grew so overlarge that I even wrote interactive fanfic/FAQ (fanfaq?) for it.


I’ll be doing a narrative Let’s Play of Undertale soon, and if you enjoy bullet hell games and JRPGs, you should play through it yourself — as a courtesy, I’m redacting potential spoilers. This is the most strikingly emotional game I may ever have played. In it, you play as [REDACTED], though initially [REDACTED]. You immediately meet [REDACTED], who paints a distinctly [REDACTED] picture but the reality is far more [REDACTED]. Mercifully, [REDACTED] (the fandom calls them [REDACTED]), who [REDACTED] house and [REDACTED] pie before [REDACTED], in spite of your [REDACTED]. You then have to [REDACTED], and whether you [REDACTED] has a distinct impact on [REDACTED] later in the game! I’ll stop there and save the rest for you, but I’m sure you can already tell how great it is.

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