Caely Facts!

  1. I grew up in a theatre family. Until my early 20s, I figured that I was probably gonna be an actor or director.
  2. In elementary school, however, we had a “dress as your dream job” day and I went as… a game programmer XD
  3. When I was a youngster, my favorite ‘game’ was to pace our gravel walkway, waving a crude wooden sword and making up stories.
  4. I had a few wooden swords that I bought from the renaissance festival, but the sturdiest and my favorite was handmade by my dad.
  5. Young Caely would draw video game ideas on thick paper, fold them up and draw on a price. Called them ‘video game coupons’.
  6. My first ever ongoing game (idea) series in memory was called “14 tablespoons”. A ‘pick your poison’ challenge, if I recall correctly.
  7. I would draw Dragon Quest slimes all over every folder I owned. Every. Folder.
  8. I designed paper prototype video game levels, ostensibly for my friends to play (on paper). Really I just liked making them.
  9. My parents believed at the time that video games would “rot my brain” like television, and so I mostly played/watched at friends’ houses.
  10. I always played as the girl characters in games. I never thought to question whether this was significant.
  11. My mother’s favorite game ever was Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom. Now I make graphical IF a lot like it. :)
  12. My first programming language was LOGOwriter. I made a very small RPG using it, with random damage mechanics. ‘Colorunder’ command ftw.
  13. I was also decent at TI Basic, the calculator programming language. I programmed a few games, but ‘Thetaman 2’ was the best.
  14. ‘Thetaman 2’ was basically sokoban, which I didn’t know was already a thing. It read level maps from arrays, so custom levels were easy.
  15. I also loved Ray Dunakin’s World Builder, a graphical IF engine that was surprisingly accessible & powerful for the time.
  16. I made my mom a birthday game using World Builder, but my energy and focus weren’t good enough to do much digital art at the time.
  17. I also played with the Single Player Adventure Module (SPAM), aka the Worst IF Engine in the Universe. NO VARIABLES.
  18. My favorite games as a kid were JRPGs, bar none. My tastes have mostly moved away from them but there’s a fond nostalgia there.
  19. I really identified with Terra from Final Fantasy Six, a character who finds love through care for children. Hmm hmm HMMMM
  20. I quit my classical piano lessons pretty early on, but continued to improvise and learn video game themes on my family’s upright piano.
  21. Nobuo Uematsu has influenced my compositional style more than any other composer or musical artist.
  22. When I discovered trance music, I wanted to become a DJ but didn’t have enough money.
  23. Though I was born in 1982, I never liked Nirvana. Or Pearl Jam. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  24. I listened mostly to oldies and show tunes before I found out that techno wasn’t the only kind of EDM.
  25. My favorite musical is Floyd Collins, which is a sad show about the true story of a guy stuck in a cave.
  26. I used to do a Summer Dinner Theatre program at Montgomery College. I was in a lot of shows, sometimes with principal parts.
  27. I was, in fact, into Rent. It took me a while to be won over but it happened. Shh.
  28. I went to a Quaker high school. I liked it.
  29. In college, I discovered some important things: I have depression, I don’t want to have a theatre career, and school is horrible.
  30. I do not have a college degree and probably never will.
  31. One other thing I discovered in college: polyamory. I’ve been openly poly for over 10 years and probably always will be.
  32. I slept around a lot in my early twenties; probably half of the people I’ve fooled around with happened during a five-year period.
  33. I tried monogamy for three months with someone, and it went very poorly. Funny enough, she’s poly now! Also, we’re good friends.
  34. My early 20s were also when I felt my first symptoms from The Genders, but I put them away because I only ‘wanted’ to be a girl (???).
  35. I moved to the Boston area 8 years ago to be with a girl. It didn’t last very long, but I had friends here and so I stayed.
  36. The reason I had all these friends was Intercon, a LARP convention at which I’ve now been writing and running games for 12 years!
  37. Before I made video games set in New Washington, I wrote LARPs set there. I first made the Age of Corporations in Forum Roleplay!
  38. You can still buy my first novel (under my pen name), Tales from the Securemarket, from Amazon. I have some spare copies too.
  39. I met Carolyn VanEseltine when I moved into the house she was living in, then we started dating. Then she introduced me to modern IF.
  40. The very first game we worked on together, One Eye Open, placed 3rd in that year’s IFComp. That was my reintroduction to game dev.
  41. When Carolyn worked at Harmonix and heard that they were looking for QA testers who could dance, she dragged me in to interview.
  42. Harmonix remains the only AAA games company I have ever worked for. If you played Dance Central 1, my dance skills graded you.
  43. I did most of my practical learning of Twine for Maddy Myers’s Tower Jam, for which I released Faceted.
  44. I met Chris Klimas (creator of Twine) by explaining his own engine to him when he came over to look at my game.
  45. I have released about 40 small games since I decided to become a full-time solo dev.
  46. I still don’t really think of myself as a programmer.
  47. Carolyn and I are planning a game big enough that we plan to launch a Kickstarter for it. It’s gonna be really cool.
  48. I have been sitting on a really neat plot/concept for years, for a game called ‘Agency’. Eventually I’ll be a good enough dev to make it
  49. Another thing on my dev wish list is to make a non-combat roguelike where you play an apothecary and merchant.
  50. Carolyn and I have one collaboration that’s not on the internet: we made a card game about the stress & trauma of being queer.
  51. When I caught my first shiny pokemon, a Vanillite named Concupiscent, my buddy Benn made me a cross stitch of him :D
  52. My favorite card game is cribbage! If you challenge me to a match, I will almost certainly agree to it.
  53. Possibly my favorite hotseat party game of all time is the unappreciated PS1 relic ‘Battle Hunter‘.
  54. I’m pretty damn good at dance games. Dance Dance Revolution, In the Groove, and Pump It Up have all been intense interests of mine.
  55. I’ve always loved to dance, but being a dance QA tester for actually taught me to dance well.
  56. My personal dance style in clubs is mostly based on popping and waving, but has some locking and hip-hop influence too.
  57. Before transition, I was just barely extroverted enough to be ENFP. Now I’m just barely introverted enough to be INFP.
  58. I have been developing New Washington and the Age of Corporations universe for well over a decade.
  59. I have written or co-written 3 LARPs and 3 IF games set in New Washington, and am working on one very big IF game set there.
  60. My second novel is set in New Washington. The protagonist is an imp. When it comes out, you should buy and read it.
  61. Though the Age of Corporations is my most developed fictional world, I have others: Laputa Nova is the other one I’m actively working on
  62. Hindren’s Guide is the very first piece of ‘fanfiction’ I’ve ever completed. I started a modern AU zelda fanfic but never finished it.
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